Bo Derek Today: What Happened to the 80s Perfect Woman?


The Rise of Bo Derek

In 1979, the movie ’10: The Perfect Woman’ was released, and its beautiful protagonist Bo Derek became famous. She was only 23 years old, and with this film she was nominated for the prestigious Golden Globes. At that time, Bo (whose real name is Mary Cathleen Collins) had been married to John Derek for four years, whose last name she still has today. He was an important Hollywood director, 30 years older than her, who did not hesitate to redirect her career to make her the erotic myth she became. Derek was so determined that everyone admire his wife’s beauty that he did not stop until he found the perfect role for her: before becoming the “perfect woman” we all remember, Bo was considered for the role of the protagonist in the movie ‘King Kong’, which eventually, as we know, went to Jessica Lange.

Bo Derek’s Career

After the worldwide success of ’10: The Perfect Woman’, Bo Derek’s career was not redirected. She became a muse of erotic comedy films, and she has won three Razzie awards, that is, the so-called “anti-Oscar”, which reward the worst performance of the year. She won the award in 1981 for ‘Tarzan the Ape Man’, in 1984 for ‘Bolero’ (where she shared the poster with Ana Obregón), and in 1989 for ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’, where she acted with Anthony Quinn. Bo Derek and Ana Obregón became friends in the 80s and they still are today.

Bo Derek’s Life Today

After being married to John Derek until 1989, at the end of his life, the actress started a relationship in 2002 with the actor John Corbett, famous for his roles in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ or ‘Sex and the City’. Bo Derek and her husband, John Corbett, today. Now, at 66 years old, the former “perfect woman” still maintains her natural beauty, but she has not regained the fame that her most famous movie gave her. In fact, her resume is mainly composed of films made directly for television and programs. These days, in our country, Bo Derek has returned to the news precisely for her passage through TV: Bo was the famous person under the mermaid mask in ‘Mask Singer’. After being discovered, she ran to embrace her great friend Ana Obregón, investigator of the program, whom she had not seen in years. Bo Derek thus joins the great cast of international celebrities with which the program has counted: this year they have unmasked Tori Spelling and Valeria Mazza and, in 2022, Mel B and LaToya Jackson.


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