Brad Pitt’s unknown brother: billionaire, Kilimanjaro hero, as attractive as actor.


An International Success Story

The biographical note on his website reads: “Doug Pitt is a philanthropist, business founder and executive and family man.” What it doesn’t say is that the family he is so proud of also includes the world-famous actor Brad Pitt. In particular, the famous Hollywood star is his elder brother, three years his senior. While the star of films such as Seven, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Tree of Life has become one of the most important names in the contemporary film industry, his brother has embarked on a less well-known but equally successful career. Despite not making the front page of the newspapers, Douglas Pitt has still managed to make a name for himself in the world of technology and philanthropy at an international level.

A Growing Business Empire

When, as a teenager, Brad Pitt moves to Los Angeles to work as a waiter or dressed as a chicken for a restaurant chain to pay for his acting lessons, Douglas has already set his sights on the world of technology business. Born in 1966 in Missouri, he stayed in his hometown to attend the county university. In 1991, at the age of just 25, he founded his first company: ServiceWorld Computer. The company, which provided computer services and solutions, proved to be a huge success and allowed him to join the millionaire’s club. Five years after founding the company, he married Lisa, whom he had met at university. This marriage gave birth to the actor’s three grandchildren: Landon (26 years old), Sydney (25 years old) and Reagan (24 years old). In 2013, he sold the company and founded the Pitt Development Group, another company that provided computer services to medical centers and territorial development. Four years later he repurchased the first company, merged the two companies and became a leader in the sector in the country. His capital continues to grow thanks to investments in the real estate sector that he makes in Springfield, in his home state (Missouri).

A Famous Brother

In addition to a successful career, the two brothers share a very similar physique. As he confessed in an interview with Nova FM, “on the street they mistake me for Brad at least three times a week.” Although he has always tried to maintain a low profile, on rare occasions he has decided to appear on the media joking about being related to Brad Pitt. For example, in an advertising spot for Mother’s Brewing Company he took on the role of his brother as detective David Mills in Seven, while in another funny spot for Virgin Mobile Australia he appeared as “the second most famous Pitt in the family”. In this spot, he shows the audience that he lives normally and enjoys the most worldly pleasures. “Look at my car, look at my house, look at my dog”, Doug Pitt jokingly says.


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