Bridget Jones Seduction: Euridice Axen’s Take


The Relationship between Art and Erotism

Euridice Axen laughs and already thinks of the next joke. Forty-two years old, a movie and theater actress, she continues to experiment. So while the last episodes of A casa tutti bene 2, the record series by Gabriele Muccino, are airing, she tells the relationship between art and erotism in Ars Erotica, aired every Tuesday on Sky Arte (and available streaming on NOW). “What is erotic for her? “By definition it should be something that excites the senses, but without slipping into pornography. What seduces me are particularly brilliant minds, innovation. To find such men (she laughs, ed.). I am sapiosexual. Even a piano could tell me things and I would be attracted to it”. Does seducing interest her? “What always makes me laugh is that I don’t feel seductive. I’m not interested in seducing and I wouldn’t even know how to do it. But I’ve always been told that I am, that I have a great impact. So I say that I’m seductive without knowing it (she laughs again, ed.). With the person who interests me, I may reveal myself more, lay myself bare, but that’s it. I feel like Bridget Jones. When I work, it’s another story”.

The Impact of Narcissism on Generation Z

What is the impact of modern society on Generation Z? “Maybe it’s because of narcissism. They make three videos on Instagram and that’s it”. And then there’s OnlyFans. “I have to inform myself (she laughs again, ed.). Because of my job I can’t even go on Tinder. I’m known publicly, how could I? And I don’t even want to lie”. On OnlyFans she could just show a foot. “Ah, yes, a foot, yes. A foot is not denied to anyone”. So, summarizing: no seduction, no Tinder and no Onlyfans. Where does she have new meetings? “Unfortunately, I always meet people in a work context. Even if, as I grow, I realize that dating an actor is always worse. I closed the category, so now I have to look elsewhere”.

The Erotic World of Euridice Axen

Does she think there is more or less space for seduction today? “I think we live in a less erotic world. Based on my experience, many interesting steps are skipped, many non-physical preliminaries, but if the game is skipped, everything is skipped. It’s a shame to miss the waiting phase. I also think that among young people it is no longer like it used to be and I’m sorry”. Euridice Axen in a scene from “Ars erotica” In fact, the latest statistics say that Generation Z has sex much less than previous generations.


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