Brigitte Bardot left Vadim despite finding him too small, for another famous actor.


The Cult Movie That Brought Together Roger Vadim and Brigitte Bardot

And God… created woman is the cult movie that allowed Roger Vadim and Brigitte Bardot to become icons. And the magic of this duo also worked outside the sets, since the director and his muse formed a couple for several years. Until the queen of Madrague finally left the latter for a famous actor.

The Reason Behind Their Split

Yet, Roger Vadim was not worried about their relationship, his companion finding him too small. This is indeed what we discover from reading Catherine Rihoit’s Et Bardot créa la femme, published at the beginning of May by L’Archipel. At the time he was in a relationship with Brigitte Bardot, she was a minor, the actress was only 16 years old while he was 22. They finally said “yes” two years later, in 1952, at the town hall of the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

The Love at First Sight

And it is on the set of the cult movie And God… created woman that the star, in front of her husband, will eventually succumb to the charm of Jean-Louis Trintignant, falling madly in love with her co-star. He is married to Stéphane Audran, while Brigitte has just celebrated her wedding anniversary with Vadim. And if the couple had difficult times, Roger Vadim never saw Jean-Louis Trintignant as a potential danger, “since she found him too small, since he found her too preoccupied with herself,” we learn from this book. But obviously, the “too small” Jean-Louis Trintignant will no longer leave BB’s mind. “It’s true, Trintignant with stormy eyes doesn’t look much like those light men with beautiful cars that Brigitte said she loved at twenty. But he is Michel Tardieu, the serious, the sentimental, the stubborn… and then, he is Trintignant, one of the future great seducers of French cinema,” shares the author about this love at first sight. Brigitte Bardot can no longer bear this situation and sets herself an ultimatum if she wants to keep seeing him, she must leave her husband. Which she does.


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