Brigitte Bardot : she accuses, wrongly, a real estate agency scam

Tuesday, 28 July, Brigitte Bardot, indicated that, according to her agency, used his name to sell a home. By mistake, BB has not accused the right company first time. She has apologized, on Twitter.

Brigitte Bardot



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Rant of Brigitte Bardot, the umpteenth episode. Tuesday, 28 July, Brigitte Bardot has shared a tweet in which she explained that an ad for the sale of a villa in which she could have lived, is currently circulating. Advertising totally misleading as it states : “I do not know this property, I have never set foot, I am not the owner and my lawyer brings a lawsuit for damages to the agency Barnes“. Especially rise, the star has concluded with an application could not be more explicit : “we will say and I am all for peace !”. The message had been heard by the agency referred to above, which was defended very quickly. Contacted by Nice-Matin, the company, has expressed his incomprehension : “It must be a confusion. We don’t do this well”.

An error

In reality, it would be an error of the defender of animals. Thursday, July 30, the BB has done his mea-culpa in a correction erratum, on Twitter. “I erroneously stated in my tweet above, and I am sincerely sorry that the agency Barnes marketing this famous house of Peymenade so I don’t know everything ! It seems that this is Christie’s International Real Estate and non-Barnes”, corrected Brigitte Bardot before to clarify that this “does not change anything on the merits”. “I have nothing to do with this house and I don’t want to be associate my name unfairly to coin money on my back.” The agency complained of in a first time has had to determine this rectification.

— BRIGITTE BARDOT (@brigitte_bardot) July 30, 2020