Britney Spears against the father, does not want to be more than the guardian

Britney Spears has officially asked a court not to entrust them once again to his father, the role of legal guardian of its finances. After the movement “Free Britney”, which had also joined Chiara Ferragni and after the words of his father against the fans – “you don’t know nothing, they are private matters”, now moves the same artist against Jamie Spears. On the 22nd of July, in fact, Britney Spears was not presented at the hearing on the renewal of the legal protection, fueling doubts on the future of the measure and forcing the court to proceed with the hearing.

The request presented by Britney Spears

August 18, 2020, Britney Spears has officially filed the declaration with the court. As is well known, between 2007 and 2008, Britney Spears was subjected to compulsory medical treatment after a bad nervous breakdown. From that moment on, the diva has not had more the control of its finances, entirely controlled by her father Jamie. The BBC has quoted some parts of the document filed: “Britney is strongly opposed to the return of James as guardian of his person”. In the document, the pop star asks that the management of its finances is to be entrusted to his manager, Jodi Montgomery.

The movement Free Britney

The channel’s “Diet Prada” has been the main channel to have promoted the movement to “save Britney”, summing up those which have been the main stages of his career.

Britney is a very young star of Broadway since he was 4 years old, thanks to her participation at the Club House of Mickey mouse. Later, Britney has become a pop star of international success, yet his career has always been managed with the auto-pilot. If you pay attention to his music, we would realize that for years, the singer, is controlled and treated as a mere commercial product. This is demonstrated by the texts of his songs and also the video, where it appears almost always in a cage or in chains. […] We all remember the collapse of 2007. […] We all remember the images of her, completely naked, while he was being taken to a mental hospital.

The next hearing is scheduled for 22 August.