Britney Spears divorce: Signs We Missed (So Far)


Britney Spears’ Private Life

While the whole world is talking about the alleged divorce from her personal trainer husband, Sam Asghari, Britney Spears is sharing horse posts on Instagram, explaining that she would like to buy one. In other words, she neither confirms nor denies the rumors that she is not only on the verge of divorce, but has been separated from her husband for some time. The reason, as almost always in celebrity breakups, is “irreconcilable differences”.

Rumors and Clues

TMZ has put together a series of clues that have escaped fans, in addition to the absence of photos together. No holiday snaps or selfies with a kiss. Yet Sam had posted a photo with mom Fatima referring to the situation on Instagram as a period of “great difficulty”. Nobody noticed, but Hello! cranks up the dose, combing through the paparazzi photos and noting that on August 16 Britney left the house but did not wear her wedding ring. No trace of Sam: it is easy to imagine that they have been living in different houses for some time.

Professional Dissatisfaction and Financial Troubles

The profile of the pop star speaks of something else, from the pole dancing she learned to do to the memoir coming out, The Woman in me, announcing surprising revelations. The malicious think that all this talk about her is part of an advertising ploy for the launch of the book, but – with two failed marriages behind her – it could simply be a matter of incompatibility. Even though Britney had been a steady couple with Sam since 2016, when the pop star was still under her father’s legal guardianship. That period, the most lucrative of her career but also the most tumultuous in her private life, would have yielded her father a certain little nest egg but the gossip also speaks of huge sums spent on lawyers and various court costs. In short, Britney’s finances have been drained and the prenuptial agreement should save her from bankruptcy. Meanwhile, she does not see the children she had with her second husband (Kevin Federline) and her first husband (Jason Alexander) continues to put fuel on the fire, as if he had predicted this break.


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