Britney Spears divorcing husband Sam Asghari? Married 14 months ago.


Britney Spears’ Watershed Moment

In Britney Spears’ life, there will always be a watershed: an event happened before or after her father’s legal guardianship. The pop star hoped that her third marriage, to Sam Asghari, would be a fairy tale. She arrived at the ceremony on a giant white carriage and invited her closest friends (absent family members and her two children): after six years of dating, she was convinced she had found the right one. However, the wedding took place shortly after the end of her father’s legal guardianship (the so-called conservatorship): so much freedom, all at once, must have made her dizzy.

Rumours of Betrayal

According to TMZ, there are some betrayals involved, or at least arguments based on accusations against her. Sam not only now lives alone but is about to file for divorce. Also according to the site, the dancer had been sleeping in Britney’s house only sporadically for some time and this separation had degenerated into screams and recriminations. Just take a peek at her (over 41 million) and his (3 million) Instagram accounts and you’ll notice at least two details: Sam posted the last photo of him and Britney on their wedding day, and the pop star continues to spread content. None of the posts are addressed to her husband, they are often photos or videos of her in lingerie or swimsuit, in provocative and sexy poses. Sam is said to be tired of this and would like to cut the cord, possibly with a substantial check in his pocket. It is true that they signed a prenuptial agreement that protects the singer’s assets, but she will certainly want to keep as far away from the courts as possible, which she has already frequented more than enough during the period of her father’s guardianship.

Early Marriages and Mental Health Worries

The two met in 2016 on the set of Britney’s Slumber Party video, the proposal came in September 2021 and the wedding, after almost a year (June 2022, in front of sixty guests, including Madonna, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton). The first marriage was lightning: she married Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas in 2004, who still lives off reflected light by giving interviews and statements to the tabloids based on the 55 hours when the rite was legal (the annulment was repertino). The same year she married Kevin Federline, but after three years they asked for a divorce: he is the father of her two children, Jayden and Sean, whom she has custody of. Fans are worried about Britney’s mental health and fear a collapse, at 41, due to the friction with her family of origin and a rather strong artistic isolation. She has often written on social media that she wants to work and take back the reins of her career, but the gratuitous overexposure she is undergoing has the opposite effect.


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