Britney Spears furious with the paparazzi: “Change the photo, it seems that I weight 20 pounds more”

It is a delicate moment for Britney Spears. The singer is recovering from a period spent in a mental health clinic and is trying to take care of themselves, giving priority to the restoration of its equilibrium and its serenity. So, he spent some days of vacation at the sea in the company of her boyfriend Sam Asghari. We have thought the paparazzi to spoil the enchantment.

The photo that has infuriated Britney Spears

Britney Spears is spending some days in Miami. The singer has shared with fans photos of the breathtaking landscape that he saw from his room, and of the golden beach where you are relaxing in the company of her boyfriend Sam Asghari. Beloved by the public, the thirty-seven continues to deal with the persecution of the paparazzi who have followed in the holiday. So, have been published in the shots that immortalize alone or with her boyfriend. But Britney Spears has noticed that there was something wrong. In the Instagram Stories has explained: “No one ever thinks that certain photos could be fake or modified“.

The replica of the singer

Britney Spears has turned to the paparazzi with an accusation very precise one: to change the photo with the purpose of make it appear more in the flesh. The singer has roared: “over The weekend I went to swim, this is the news true, but in those pictures it looks like I weight 20 pounds more. This is me now and I’m skinny as a needle”. Then he published a post on his profile Instagram, showing himself as he is in reality and as it appears in the photo taken by the paparazzo. The post was posted only 17 hours after the implementation of the pictures, so the physical change that seems to transpire from the comparison is, frankly, impossible. Britney Spears has concluded: ‘people say that celebrities deceive with their image, but do not challenge never the paparazzi sell photos that have changed“.

People always say people or celebrities cheat with their images, but never do they question the papparazzi for selling your pic that they have messed with !!!! This was all done within the same 17 hours !!!!

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