Britney Spears, Lynne Reunion After 3 Years of Coldness


Years of Conflict

In recent years, Britney Spears has been at the center of a harsh legal and media battle against her family. Her father had been controlling every detail of her life since 2008, the year in which she had repeated mental collapses, until 2021. Even earlier, in 2021, Britney had attacked her mother with a post on Instagram (which was also removed in a few hours): “It was my mother who gave my father the idea of ​​legal guardianship 13 years ago. I will never get those years back. My mother secretly ruined my life”. Very strong words that had prompted the mother to publicly apologize to her with a social post: “I’m so sorry for your pain!”

Signs of Reconciliation

Now, however, it seems that peace, at least with her mother Lynne, is close. The writer recently flew from Louisiana to Los Angeles, as TMZ reveals, for a very specific reason: to embrace her daughter whom she had not seen in three years. Sam Asghari, Britney’s husband, was also present at the meeting, which lasted about half an hour. What the two women said is unknown, but according to TMZ, the brief reunion shows that there is a “possibility of reconciliation” between Britney and her mother: “Our sources say that the ice between mother and daughter is melting… Recently the two have exchanged text messages and Lynne’s trip to Los Angeles is a clear sign of her willingness to mend the relationship”.

Hope for Peace

Any reconciliation would come after years of recriminations and accusations related to the guardianship of her father Jamie. But in the video, Britney also attacked her mother and sister: “Everyone saw, everyone knew and no one did anything. Instead of helping me, my mother and my sister made me feel like I was the bad one. That’s what hurt me the most. They threw me away, that’s how I feel: like my family threw me away”. At the time, Britney had replied with a “F**k you” that did not presage any intention of reconciliation. Since then, apparently, things have changed. And peace between mother and daughter seems close.


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