Britney Spears not showing up in court, slide the hearing on the legal protection of the father

Could be a decisive day for Britney Spears, who is called to appear before the judges of the Court of Los Angeles, Wednesday, July 22. At the centre of the process in course, there is the controversial matter of legal protection that the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears, has had on her since 2008 and would like to extend. The hearing did not go as expected because, while the father and mother Lynne Spears were connected by video-conference with the Classroom, Britney gave all-inclusives. The pop star has justified by saying that you had problems connection to the internet, but in that time has even published a post on Instagram: “This is what happens when you open your third eye, you connect to a source higher light and energy”. According to official documents obtained by The Blast, is that of the ten people present, his name was not there. So the hearing has been postponed, delayed until the next August 19.

This is what happens when your third eye opens …. you connect to a higher source of light and energy ✨👁☀️ !!!!

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The movement #FreeBritney

In the meantime, outside the Los Angeles court, dozens of fans gathered to show their affection to Britney Spears. Signs, banners, and even masks printed with the hashtag #FreeBritneywere distributed in front of the gates of the Court. Are thousands of the fans around the world, united in these last weeks to help the pop star and show their closeness. A real movement, with the aim to dissolve the legal bond that compels a singer under the custody of the father. Among the well-known people, joined the movement even Chiara Ferragni, who has commented on a post of the page Diet Prada: “It breaks my heart. Free Britney. We love you”. On channel Instagram of the movement, have appeared in several posts in defense of the rights of Britney. Among these, one in particular highlights how the singer was treated throughout his career as a “commercial object”:

If you pay attention to his music, we would realize that for years, the singer, is controlled and treated as a mere commercial product. This is demonstrated by the texts of his songs and also the video, where it appears almost always in a cage or in chains. […] We all remember the collapse of 2007. […] We all remember the images of her, completely naked, while he was being taken to a mental hospital.

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Because Britney wants to be free from the constraints of the father

In 2008, Britney Spears has been through a heavy meltdown, mental and physical. From that moment on, the case of the singer, now 38 years old, is passed on to the father, often described as a real keeper. Not only that, according to sources of the Los Angeles Times, the father of the star would receive 130 thousand dollars a year, to play this role, but it is also the only one responsible of the management of its assets, that allows them to have all the affairs of her daughter. It is his right to sell and buy goods and property, prevent you from using phones, social networks and even to see the children. His goal, would be to ask for an extension of the regime of “conservatorship”.