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Britney Spears premarital agreement: No money for ex-hubby Sam Asghari.

Popstar Finances

Counting the money of celebrities is one of the public’s favorite hobbies. The latest to deal with a prenuptial agreement is Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’ third husband, who reportedly asked for a divorce last month. For almost twenty years, the popstar’s property has been managed and administered by her father, but since the legal guardianship has expired she has regained possession of her possessions. Incidentally, these are figures much lower than in the golden age of tours, twenty years ago. Legal expenses, court battles and related costs have drained the popstar’s coffers quite a bit.

What Does the Divorce Provide?

What does Sam’s divorce request, which arrived 14 months after the fateful yes, exactly provide? According to the gossip site TMZ, the popstar’s prenup is sealed and therefore her now almost ex-husband would not get a penny. Or rather, Britney would prefer to settle him with a substantial check to avoid him asking for maintenance. At most, he would keep jewelry, cars and various gifts received from the popstar, but nothing else. The price to pay for settling is silence, that is the most precious and rare currency in Hollywood. By signing a non-disclosure agreement, embarrassment would be avoided, as in the case of Britney’s first ex-husband, who ended up in jail for crashing her wedding.

Cries for Help?

So, for example, even if the popstar is about to come out with her autobiography The woman in me (soon also in Italy), it is not said that the personal trainer / dancer will do the same, telling stories about whims, caprices and secrets of domestic life. In fact, without the interference of her family, fans seemed to think that Britney had gone out of her mind and indeed some called the police to check that she was okay. Those racy photos, nude or on the pole dance stage, are all cries for help, for attention, for the limelight. Evidently, in addition to the allegations of infidelity, at some point the balance was broken.



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