Bruce Willis confined, with Demi Moore at the expense of his wife, internet users exceeded

Bruce Willis is confined with his ex Demi Moore and their three daughters. The visitors come to discover that the charming wife of Bruce and his two younger daughters are not with them… a situation that seems totally incomprehensible.

If the Canvas does not dream to see Jennifer Aniston find the arms of Brad Pitt, waiting for each meeting and each sign of reconciliation, it is not the same for another pair of the ex : Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The two Hollywood stars have been married between 1987 and 2000 and gave birth to three daughters, now adults, Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle. They separated without acrimony, each one taking up his freedom, and remaking his life in the respect of what had been experienced. If Demi Moore has not been very lucky with Ashton Kutcher, Bruce has hit the jackpot by marrying in march 2009 the beautiful and sweet model Emma Hemming , who gave him two daughters, Evelyn Penn and Mabel Ray, now aged 8 and 5 years old.

Bruce Willis inconsistent and selfish ?

If users welcome the good agreement between Demi Moore and actor from the Sixth sense, they pose questions about the choice made by the actor of 65 years to spend the containment with his ex and his eldest daughters, leaving his young wife confined at home with the younger children. A misunderstanding that is growing then that Mabel has celebrated its 8th anniversary on the 1st of April without a dad and the wife tearfully leaves of gloomy comments in the publications of the clan Willis-Moore, who appears to him not prone to sadness. It’s really weird what it does, I will never leave my wife and my two young children for me to confine her in pajamas with my ex and my adult children, “” If I was Emma, I would be so upset, He should be home with her and their two small. Most young people have much more need of their dad” , “When your children have more than 30 years it is no longer co-parenting, especially if you are dropping your young ones. I would be very jarring to the place of his wife and daughters …” , “He has no excuse, let his 8 year old daughter to celebrate her birthday without him to pass the containment with adults, which he shaves his head to make artistic photos topless ? It is no matter what” , “He has only to say ‘I like better my old family,’ as it will be more clear to all the world.” With this containment judged irresponsible Bruce Willis does not mark points to people, he’ll have to draw them a damn good excuse…

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