Bruce Willis confined, with Demi Moore : why his wife and other girls are not there

Since the beginning of the confinement in the United States, the quarantine of Bruce Willis with his ex-wife Demi Moore in Idaho, a focus of controversy. Their daughter Scout has finally provided an explanation… and it really is very surprising !

Admittedly, at first, the containment of the public has been delighted to review Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who had formed one of the couples most iconic Hollywood before divorcing her in 2000. The pictures Instagram family -their three daughters are with them – in the striped pajamas have amused and deeply moved. But the question is quickly asked. Why the sexy sexagenarian regresses there quietly with his elders and his ex while his current wife the old model Emma Hemming is confined to Los Angeles with the last two of the actor Evelyn Penn and Mabel Ray, respectively, between the ages of 5 and 8 years old ? It has first been argued that the more young girls of the actor from the Sixth sense could represent a risk for him, and that he would have chosen to stay away from it, but this is not the case as revealed by Scout The Street, 28 years of age, a daughter of the couple, the Willis-Moore.

The daughter of Bruce Willis injured in a park

Before the controversy did not cease to swell Scout, 28 years, has decided to speak in the podcast Dopey : “My mother-in-law had to come and join us with my little sisters, she said. But my younger sister… who had never before bowed to syringes, hypodermic and who does not know that it is necessary to stay away found one in a park, and it is, in fact, tried to push it in her shoe and she pricked his foot. So my mother-in-law had to stay in Los Angeles until you get the results of the tests before you take him eventually to the doctor for a treatment. My father had been here for a while and then all of a sudden everything is packed and travel has become impossible and my mother-in-law is stuck, forced to stay in Los Angeles with my little sisters. “

In the Face of this highly stressful new, the star of Die Hard seems to keep an olympian calm. To proof this April 21, Bruce Willis appeared again on Instagram, family, full workshop, paint in the striped pajamas it no longer seems to want to leave. The very definition of cool, or proof that everything is finally finished ?