But what of Bradley Cooper? Lady Gaga kisses Dan Horton (and the ex-wife he throws the dig)

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper engaged after the spark lit on the set of the film ‘A star is born’? Nah: understanding the sentimental between the singer paid to the cinema, and the actor director of the film who has seen how intense the rookie was a story yes, but of those, imagine, hope by the dreamers, fascinated by their looks exchanged up to the night of the Oscars and nothing more.

Things, in fact, would be in a very different way, seen the kiss between the pop star and sound engineer Dan Horton published by People magazine, and enough to erase with a sponge any alleged link between her and Cooper, just back from the end of the relationship with the stunning Irina Shayk.

Lady Gaga engaged to Dan Horton: the dig’s ex-wife

According to People, Lady Gaga would have started to attend the sound engineer Dan Horton in November 2018 for professional matters, when he was already divorced from his wife, the actress Autumn Guzzardi married in 2013. Sunday 28 July, the first public outing together at a brunch at the restaurant Granville in Studio City, California: hands in hands, hugs and kisses have confirmed the relationship was also confirmed by the testimonies of present and the much more subtle, but very comprehensive of the former mrs. Horton that you used Instagram to hard its on the history.

“Poker Face”, is the quote written by the woman in support of his first plan, I refer immediately to the famous song of Lady Gaga. Jealousy late towards the ex-husband (it seems to have been her to leave him for “irreconcilable differences”)? Perhaps, but that matters little. The singer and her boyfriend are free to live this new emotion, this time (apparently) far away from any scenic fiction.

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Who is Dan Horton, boyfriend of Lady Gaga

Dan Horton is a sound engineer as well as the owner of the Audio group Engineering Consulting. He has worked with the likes of Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake and, of course, Lady Gaga.

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