Caesar 2020 : Alexandra Lamy takes a stand, the internet reminds him of his marriage with Jean Dujardin

In the aftermath of the ceremony of the César 2020, Alexandra Lamy has taken the word about the great controversy surrounding the coronation of Roman Polanski. Except that the users have not been able to resist making reference to her relationship with Jean Dujardin, who played the leading role in the film I accuse.

In the case of Roman Polanski, the stars have chosen for their camp. While the anger of the French, rumbled for several weeks, and some have not hesitated to congratulate the developer of 86-year-oldfor his three awards – the Best Director, Best costumes and Best adaptation at the Cesar 2020. This is the case of Fanny Ardant, who said she was “very happy” for him. Same sound of bell on the side of Mathilde Seigner, sister-in-law of the filmmaker controversial. “Bravo ! When the suffrage of voting outweighs the vox populi…”, she wrote on his page Instagram by displaying the poster of the film I accuse. But for others, celebrating the art of the one who has been accused of raping a 13 year old girlin 1976, is simply indecent. It is therefore no surprise that Adele Haenel, who had estimated that the decorating meant “spit in the face of the victims” chose to leave the Salle Pleyel in the middle of the ceremony. A gesture that has been welcomed by many celebrities.

The position of Alexandra Lamy has not gone unnoticed

Among the stars who have welcomed the position of Adèle Haenel, there are Alexandra Lamy. Its page on Instagram, the latter has relayed a photo of the actress leaving the room, with the following caption :” With all my support !! “ It was not necessary any more to provide users with a reminder of her relationship with Jean Dujardin, met with the series A guy, a girl. Many internet users have in fact considered as the mother of Chloé Jouannet would not have had the same reaction if she was still in a relationship with the one she nicknamed ” Loulou “. “What hypocrisy total ! It would have been still with Mr. Dujardin, she would have argued, ” was so indignant, and a user. Others were much less virulent, preferring to react on the tone of the humor. “Dujardin should be in a sweat “, ” Darling to a lot more decency than Loulou “, ” Chouchou and Loulou are no longer on the same wavelength “, could be read in the publication of the star. Remains that the vast majority of internet users, it, was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of Alexandra Lamy, who could just as easily hole up in silence in order to avoid any controversy…

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With all my support !!! 🌸

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