Caesar 2020 : Mathieu Kassovitz defends Roman Polanski, after the controversy

On the 28th of February last, Roman Polanski was crowned Best director at the ceremony of Caesar, 2020, at which time it was strongly criticized. A month after the controversy, Mathieu Kassovitz speaks out on the subject and comes to the defense of the director.

The debate is still alive. If the coronavirus and containment that results are the order of the day, there is another topic that continues to be very much yet. This is the 45th ceremony of Caesar. A month after that, it seems to further agitate the crowds. And for cause, it will remain in the annals, due to start in live and with a crash of Adele Haenel. But also that of the mistress of ceremony, Florence Foresti, who has simply not ended the evening, as a sign of protest and disappointment to the award of the César for the Best director to Roman Polanski. Even before the ceremony, twelve nominations had been controversial, the Franco-Polish being accused of rape.

Throughout the evening, Florence Foresti, therefore, has not failed to launch many spades. What has not been unanimous. While some have praised his behavior, others have strongly criticized. Even his loved ones now seem to be put there. This is apparently the case for Mathieu Kassovitz. On the night of the César 2020, the actor had yet sustained, Florence Foresti, accepting despite the controversy put the César for Best actress. An act non-negligible, then many of remettants had finally decided to give up.

“This is not a property of the target “

But now, a month later, Mathieu Kassovitz was keen to take the defense of Roman Polanski. “I am outraged by what he did at the time. I have a little girl… But I find that it is the poor victim of this movement, and it is not well to take it to target, ” says the actor in the columns of Paris Match this Thursday, march 26. If it does not cite Florence Foresti, it would seem to dissociate. “It was bullshit, it was bad, and it is expressed poorly after. Agree. But there are people who really deserve it, and it is on them that it is necessary to concentrate, ” continues the actor of the Bureau of legends. Thus, according to Mathieu Kassovitz, we can persecute, Klaus Barbie, but certainly not the spouse of Emmanuel Seigner. “Klaus Barbie, ok, you’re relentless on him until the end. Polanski, I’m really struggling. Important not to put everyone in the same basket “, he explains.

Moreover, it acknowledges that there are indeed ” men who are pigs and who are doing a lot of evil around them “, he regrets : “We suffered, we too, in our interactions, which are now distorted by these few assholes “. For proof, his improvised speech during the ceremony of César 2020, where he said : “I hope that we will continue to seduce.” A sentence that would not have left the Salle Pleyel marble. “I’ve seen people that made a comment by saying : “seduction = rape”, that’s going too far… “, ja-t-it. There is no doubt that it will, in fact, no unanimous agreement with his words.