Caesar 2020 : Roman Polanski now ? Its connecting is a focus

This Friday 28 February, the cream of French cinema will find themselves at the 45th ceremony of Caesar. Remains to be seen whether Roman Polanski will make the move.

This 45th edition of Caesar is that of all the scandals. This Friday the 28th of February, the awards ceremony will take place at the salle Pleyel in Paris on a background of controversy. In addition to the functioning elitist of the awards, especially the 12 appointments of Roman Polanski to the film I accuse, which do not pass at all. Accused of rape and assault sex on several women, the developer of 86-year-old will therefore be put in the honor during the evening. A scandal to many women’s associations that had even called for a boycott and had asked all the professionals of the cinema not to support the husband of Emmanuelle Seigner.

A contested presence

In this context, very delicate, Roman Polanski dare he make it to the ceremony of Caesar ? On the 13th of February, in the columns of the Point, Alain Goldman, the producer of the film I accuse, had revealed that there was ” no reason that it does not come “, even if it ” is not very fond of this kind of events. “Two days before the big night, the filmmaker has finally made his decision ? If it should be present as revealed LCI, its connecting, Anne Hommel, is more cautious : “at A time when we are talking about, it has not yet taken a definitive decision “, she told the news channel.

LCI reveals that if Roman Polanski made the trip, he will not be alone. Emmanuelle Seigner should support it, just as Jean Dujardin, who is the head of the poster, I accuse. It is also nominated in the category ” best actor “. The atmosphere may be much more tense as Adèle Haenel will also be of the party. Named in the category “best actress” for her role in Portrait of the girl on fire, the young woman had reacted strongly to the multiple appointments of Roman Polanski. “Distinguish Polanski, it is to spit in the face of all the victims. This means that violating women is not so serious, ” she stated, inter alia, the New York Times.