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Camilla Snubbed by Kate Middleton at Coronation

The pompous coronation of Charles III was marked by an obvious snub to Kate Middleton from the king’s wife. Tom Bower, a renowned royal expert, commented that “she refused to bow to Queen Camilla as she left Westminster Abbey”, due to her anger. On the Dan Wootton Tonight show, Bower further explained that the Duchess of Cambridge was infuriated because she was only allowed to invite four members of her family, while Camilla had welcomed twenty Parker Bowles, including her ex-husband Andrew. This situation would have been a great source of annoyance to both William and Kate. Bower noted that in the footage of the coronation, the Prince and Princess of Wales bowed to the sovereign, but not to Camilla. The tension in Westminster Abbey on May 6 was “palpable” and it did not subside the following day, at the grand concert in Windsor Castle, where William did not mention Camilla in his opening speech. The Camilla snub was not only felt by William and Kate, but also by those who had helped her to restore her image from the hated lover of Charles to the esteemed queen. On the day of her crowning, none of them received an invitation. The Queen has been accused of “alienating people” on more than one occasion. Christopher Andersen recently declared that Camilla is doing her best to prevent a reconciliation between Harry and his father. Whenever Charles attempts to reach out to his son, “Camilla reminds her husband of all the horrible things Harry wrote about him in Spare”, thus convincing him to back off.



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