Camilo Blanes: Mother’s Fight to Save His Life


The Need for Change

Camilo Sesto’s son had already tried to hormone himself in Mexico, but due to a series of personal causes, he could not achieve his goals. Camilo Blanes announced a few months ago his intention to change his gender and call himself Sheila Devil. But, far from doing things legally, “he acquires the products to hormone himself through the black market. He does not follow a medical control, which is essential in this type of circumstances.”

The Mother’s Desperation

His mother, Lourdes Ornelas, is desperate. Faced with her son’s attitude and the outlandish images he posts on his social networks, she would have contacted a law firm and psychologists to see if there are possibilities to incapacitate him. Saul explains that “that woman is bad. She has the help of Maria, who is not, as they say, her son’s girlfriend, but a childhood friend, and is the person of greatest confidence of Lourdes.”

The Lawyer’s Advice

The lawyer Fernando Osuna explains to us that “there are two ways to incapacitate him. Now, instead of being a judicial incapacitation that practically makes the incapacitated useless, the spirit of the law is different, and a person is put as an assistant to not annihilate him and leave him as useless. That is one way. And there is another, which is to intern the person in a psychiatric or medical center when there is a danger to the person’s health. For example, that he can injure himself or endanger the integrity of other people.


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