Camilo Blanes transformation: Physical changes after 1 month of hormone therapy to become a woman.


Changes Becoming Evident

Camilo Blanes’s physical change, which began a hormone treatment to become a woman a month ago, is becoming increasingly noticeable. Overnight, Camilo Sesto’s son erased all traces of his images “as a man” from his social networks and began to share photos with wigs and posing in women’s underwear, setting off alarms for a relapse in his addiction and mental health problems. Despite the fact that it seems that he is gradually achieving the change he desires, his ex-partner Christina Rapado has publicly questioned whether it is a real aspiration.

Hormonal Process Taking Time

The hormonal process takes time to accentuate secondary features such as the shape of the face, especially when the transition has been started at a more adult age, but it also seems that little by little, he is seeing a change. What is also more evident is that there are aspects of his physique that are becoming increasingly decadent, such as his dentition or his increasingly tired countenance.

Family’s Concerns

Camilín’s mother, Lourdes Ornelas, has expressed on several occasions the hell she is living through her son’s decision, with whom she cannot get in touch. “I’ve been looking for help for him for a long time and I’ve run into a concrete wall a thousand times. My biggest concern is that his life is in danger every day, constantly. This illness is very cruel for him and the family that loves him. There are those who understand and others who harshly judge him without knowing what is behind,” confessed the one who was Camilo Sesto’s great love.


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