Camilo Blanes’ transformation: Unrecognizable in Worrying Photos Shared


Camilo Blanes’ Worrying Transformation

Camilo Blanes continues to post worrying images. It seems that Camilo Sesto’s son is unleashed and shows it on social media, where he does not stop sharing content with his new identity. His physical change has been brutal in recent weeks. Although Instagram filters do their job, the transformation of Camilín, who would have been self-medicating with hormones for a month and now calls himself Sheila, is more than evident. In addition to his arsenal of wigs, the young man poses alone and accompanied by different friends. The trusted person of Ornelas, his childhood friend María, also appears in some of these photos, smiling next to Camilín.

Camilín’s Rapid Physical Evolution

The former singer, like his father, is increasingly comfortable with this change. Camilín’s rapid physical evolution is also palpable, not only because of makeup, but also because of what seems to be a softening of his features.

Lourdes Ornelas Takes Action

His mother, Lourdes Ornelas, has already taken action on the matter, and would have started a fight to incapacitate him, the only way she sees possible to help him. This is what Saúl Ortiz assured, revealing the intentions of Camilo Blanes’ mother. “As things are, and given the incorrect attitudes that show that this boy is not well, it could be easier to start a process of incapacitation, and the mother is already moving in this direction. The problem is that it is a very long process and with many difficulties. Testimonies, psychiatric reports and other things are needed,” he said.


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