“Can I become a mother”, after the operation comes the indiscretion on Emma Brown

Conditionals are required, the only certainty is that the nightmare of Emma Brown seems to be almost finished. The good news, however, is not run never from the sun, and in the world of gossip, it is usual to fly high, beyond the most optimistic expectations. Thus, as seen in “More”, the success would have brought Emma to think they can soon become mothers, thanks to the choice to freeze the ovarian tissue with the aid of the specialists in a private clinic specialized.

Conditions of Emma Brown

Is the 28th of September, when Emma Brown returns to talk about after the health problems overcome. With a post on Instagram, the singer salento has thanked all the people who were nearby, she then posted a picture with the bracelet of the hospital in which he had marked his name of baptism: “I have finally taken off this bracelet, but I shall always cherish”. And after the successful intervention and the return to the publications of the singer, a true movement of love and affection was on the move through social networks. Many fans have written, many friends vip were made to feel the presence and closeness.

The recommendations of the office print

In the last hours are circulating the rumors more diverse regarding the state of health of Emma Brown. For this purpose, the press office of the singer salento has published an official note in which he asked every one not to spread news that are misleading and not official.

The only reliable sources regarding Emma Brown are its official channels. All the news that are circulating through the media in recent days about hypothetical medical records, x-rays, details on the health and convalescence of the artist and statements by physicians and third parties are unfounded and based on assumptions”.