Can Yaman Gossip: Faked Girlfriends. Ruined Real Relationship.


Can Yaman: A Real Outburst

Can Yaman is not having it. And he is not keeping quiet about it to the gossip and those who circulate certain news about his private and sentimental life. “You are really ridiculous with all these made-up girlfriends, but it’s not true. Never been,” he wrote in a post shared between Instagram Stories. A post that is a real outburst from the Turkish actor and that comes after the rumors about a new alleged flirt with Giorgia Colombo.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Nothing more false. To deny everything, he himself took care of it through social media. Where, with a polemical tone, he attacks the world of gossip that he knows well. “When I had a real one, you did everything to ruin it, bombarding everyone with theories that it was something fake,” added Can Yaman in his post. A clear reference to the love story with Diletta Leotta. The two, in fact, were a couple in 2021. There was even talk of marriage. But many have questioned the truth of their relationship. “Of course it’s true. And I’m very happy,” said the Dazn presenter to Striscia la Notizia. Then, instead, goodbye. It seems, also, because of the increasingly disrespectful gossip of their private life.

The Future of Can Yaman

A parenthesis of his life that Can Yaman, apparently, finds it hard to forget: “Now that I have made an absurd effort to distance myself from the world of gossip, you create all these non-existent girlfriends and want to make people believe they are real,” he said. Today, Diletta Leotta is happily linked to Loris Karius and is about to become a mother. She left Can Yaman and gossip behind. The Turkish actor, on the other hand, is single. He himself makes it known in his post: “I assure you that if I had a serious one, I would let you know,” he said. To the dismay of those who would like to see him again as the protagonist of the pink chronicle.


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