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Canicule drink: Cool & loved by teens, but dangerous.

The Granité Craze

This weekend is going to be hot, very hot. Meteo France has placed several departments in orange heat wave alert. And high temperatures mean wanting to hydrate and quench one’s thirst. As we discovered, not without surprise, that water was not the most hydrating drink, a drink has been meeting great success during the summer, and especially pleases children a lot. This is the Granité.

Dangerous Ingredients

But while this drink is driving palates crazy, a study revealed that it was composed of a dangerous ingredient for young children. It was Midi Libre that recently echoed this study published on August 10th by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Food Standards Scotland (FSS), two public health agencies. These drinks, Sicilian origin ice creams, are actually mainly composed of sugar and water. And their success with children and teenagers is no longer to be proven. But in its statement, the FSA recommends that parents not let children under four consume these drinks, and that sellers not serve them free of charge to children under ten. However, France would sell less dangerous ice creams. Indeed, the manufacturer Tropical Snow makes it known that the contribution of glycerin in these drinks is not exclusive to them, and that it is the concentration of this substance that can be harmful, a variable quantity depending on the countries.

The Risks of Excessive Consumption

In the Hexagon, the majority of manufacturers thus use syrups containing no glycerin. The flavored ice cream, at the base was made from Etna snow and syrup, but would now contain glycerin (or glycerol). An agent that protects products from drying out and is prohibited in infant food. In the Granité, it allows the drink not to freeze completely and gives it its liquid consistency. “Even if the symptoms are generally rather benign, it is important that parents be aware of the risks, especially with excessive consumption,” the FSA said. What are the risks? In case of excessive consumption, children could risk hypoglycemia or loss of consciousness. Symptoms such as nausea or headaches should thus be monitored. Our colleagues at BFMTV were thus planning a subject on the danger of this very popular summer product for its fresh and refreshing side. Some consumers interviewed admitted drinking up to 3 times a day, and sometimes suffering from headaches “because of the cold”. But it is obviously not only the cold, but the additive, glycerol. So during the heat wave, avoid your children the famous Granité, or at least in small quantities.



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