Cannes Euphoria: Louane and Florian in Satin Glitz, In Love Glances Abound


A Show on the Red Carpet

Saying red carpet means an opportunity to choose breathtaking clothing creations. Notorious fashion addict, Louane Emera, seized this opportunity to reveal a sensational look when she walked the red carpet for the presentation of the event series The Idol at the Cannes Festival. Dressed in light blue satin, the interpreter of Secret, the tube of her last album Sentiments, was dazzling in a set that fits her body, composed of a tight crop top and a long mermaid effect skirt.

Louane and Florian

Before the arrival of the stars of this controversial work – Lily-Rose Depp and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye – the 26-year-old French singer made a show on the red carpet, accompanied by her lover Florian Rossi. For this projection, Louane chose to come with the man of her life, the musician Florian Rossi (32 years old), with whom she always exchanges passionate looks. If he is less known to the general public than his beloved, he is a multi-instrumentalist and French composer in great demand. Using the pseudonym P3gase, he collaborates with Kendji, Soprano and of course, Stromae. He had accompanied the latter on his tour which unfortunately had to be stopped due to the singer’s health problems. In a relationship for five years, Louane and Florian are flamboyant on the red carpet and, once the objectives are set, they return to their “normal” life. Those of romantic lovers and parents of little Esmée, 3 years old.

Louane’s Family Life

Dedicated to her music, the artist is just as, if not more, dedicated to her family, she who experienced the tragedy of losing her two parents when she was a teenager. In Psychologies Magazine, she confided to us in all sincerity: “Fear for her, fear for me. I’m always afraid that people will die. My parents fell ill a year apart, they were young, I was barely 15-16 years old. It was a trauma that I had to learn to live with.


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