Carlo Conti is walking with the daughter of Fabrizio Frizzi: “call Me Santa”Accounts

The friendship between Fabrizio Frizzi and Carlo Conti has always been under the eyes of all in the world of the show, a relationship that has developed with time, the result of mutual esteem and respect in addition to an affinity for work earlier. Television has united them, but he did so by creating an especially strong that you are not exhausted to the disappearance of the late conductor de “The Legacy”, so much so that Carlo Conti is still very close to the family of a friend.

The relationship with the daughter of Fabrizio Frizzi

As evidenced by the photos taken from the weekly Diva e Donna, Carlo Conti and his wife Francesca attend often Carlotta Mantovan, the partner of Fabrizio Frizzi. Having children almost the same age it is not surprising that the two have decided to continue to grow along with the little Matthew, and the sweet Star. The master of the house, and the show has always been a figure present in the life of Fabrizio Frizzi, to which the little girl is always compared to him as a character of the family, almost an uncle that has always accompanied and supported. To reveal this relationship, so tender and confidential, is their Accounts, which states: “the Star calls me BabboConti, as if it were all attacked, her father called me as well and now continues to do her.”

The interview On a Sunday

In a recent interview with Sunday In, the conductor did not hesitate to speak of the form of suffering endured at the death of Fabrizio Frizzi, which took place in march 2018. The showman tuscan confesses to Mara Venier , especially in the last few years of collaboration, Frizzi had become a real brother to him with whom to confide and share important moments of his working life and not only. These are the words of the well-known tv show host: “We have always been friends, but over the last few years our friendship has grown, even in respect. The spot that we shot together for the Oscars of the tv, is the synthesis of everything that was Fabrizio, a man linked to the relationship with friends, family was very important, and also the work, her kindness, her education”.