Carlo Honors Tina: Band Plays The Best at Buckingham Palace


Tribute from Buckingham Palace

A tribute from Buckingham Palace. The British crown also wanted to remember Tina Turner, the iconic artist who passed away in Switzerland a few days ago at the age of 83. No official statements or stock images, but a song: in coincidence with the changing of the guard, in fact, the Band of the Welsh Guards surprisingly performed The Best, the legendary rock queen’s song. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. A few notes were enough to capture the attention of those present, who crowded in front of the gates of the London palace to document the moment with photos and videos. It is not known if it was an idea of King Charles himself, certainly the new sovereign – today 74 years old – first met the American star in 1986, when he performed at Wembley for The Prince’s Trust All-Star Rock Concert.

Prince William’s Anecdote

To stay up to date on royals, celebrities, shows and all the news from the Vanity Fair world, subscribe to our newsletters. The choice of the song does not appear to be casual either: in 2021, interviewed inside the Time to Walk podcast, Prince William revealed a curious anecdote from many years ago, with him, Harry and Lady Diana as protagonists. “When our mother took us to school, she put different kinds of music in the car to relieve the tension. A song I remember in particular is The Best, by Tina Turner”. “It has stayed with me all this time and I still enjoy listening to it secretly, because for me it represents a family moment,” added the heir to the throne. “Her driving and singing at the top of her lungs, us behind. We made the policeman get on and he also sang sometimes. That’s why The Best, even today, takes me back to those car trips and to my mom.”


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