Carlo III and Queen Camilla Coronation: Second Time Around


Royal Investiture of Scotland

After the celebrations for the coronation, King Charles III and Queen Camilla are preparing for another important event, the official investiture as sovereigns of Scotland. It will not be a real coronation, but a symbolic ceremony, the details of which are being finalized these days. The sovereigns will be in Edinburgh at the beginning of July to symbolically receive the Honours of Scotland, i.e. the regalia (the crown jewels, ed.) historically used by Scottish royals during coronations and since 1819 kept in the Crown Room of Holyrood Palace, the Royal Palace of Edinburgh. The room will be closed to the public from 4 to 6 July, while the entire castle will be off limits on the 5th, which is why it is assumed that the ceremony could take place on that day, in the Cathedral of St. Giles.

Scottish Independence Winds

Charles III and Camilla will stay in Scotland for a whole week, the one commonly known as Holyrood Week, during which the king will host a garden party (confirmed for Tuesday 4), attend an investiture and meet with local communities, essential to strengthen relations with a country always animated by independence winds, even though after the farewell of Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, champion of the break with London, the latest polls have revealed that the times are not mature enough for a break and may never be.

Regalia of Scotland

And in Edinburgh they can’t wait to see Charles in his new role as king, as it was for his mother the day after her coronation at Westminster. It was June 24, 1953 when the regalia of Scotland were presented to her: the scepter, the sword and the crown, which was made for King James V and which was worn for the first time in 1540. The sword and scepter are older. A solemn ceremony, which will inevitably be full of meaning also for the son, who ascended the throne seventy years later.


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