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Carlo III pays rent to son William

The Prince of Wales and His Father’s Relationship

All that glitters is not gold and the relationship between Prince William and father Charles III is no exception to the old adage. Since becoming Prince of Wales, in fact, the king’s firstborn would have started to draw out his claws, with a passive aggressive attitude that would be putting the sovereign in a very bad mood.

The Property at the Centre of the Conflict

The latest reason for discussion is a delightful cottage on the outskirts of the Breacon Beacons National Park in Wales, purchased by Charles in 2007 for the sum of 1.2 million pounds. Bought through the funds of the Duchy of Cornwall, with Charles’s ascension to the throne the property is now in the possession of William, who became Duke of Cornwall after his father. And it is right here that the problems begin. Before becoming king, Charles used to spend one or two weeks in Wales during the summer, but William is not interested in having the property available, so he would have decided to rent it out as a holiday home. The king and his wife have always spent two weeks in Wales during the summer.

Llwynywermod’s Features and Availability

The property is not particularly large by royal standards: it includes three bedrooms and a completely renovated barn, which today serves as a dining room and can accommodate 16 people. Sustainable, Llwynywermod exploits a rainwater tank to cushion costs, while a chip boiler provides heating to the entire estate. The splendid 192-acre park in which it is immersed; jasmine, roses and honeysuckle grow there, as well as six maples used to beautify the nave of Westminster for the wedding of Kate and William and which were replanted right here. It will be available for rent starting next September, at the cost of 2400 pounds per week. And even Charles, if he wanted to continue using it, would have to pay this sum, because William does not seem willing to make exceptions. An impassive landlord.



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