Carlo III Sadness: Frustrated by Harry’s Absence


The King’s Frustration with Prince Harry

Misunderstandings between Prince Harry and King Charles III have become increasingly unbearable for the King, who is becoming more and more bitter about the situation that has arisen with his second son. The sovereign is becoming more and more “sad and frustrated” due to the prince’s legal battle against British tabloids that allegedly obtained information about him illegally, but he is also very disappointed by his continuous attacks on the institutions of the United Kingdom. The Sunday Times reported the (black) mood of the king, thanks to a source close to the royal family, who remained anonymous.

Prince Harry’s Return to London

Harry has not had the opportunity to talk to his father on the occasion of the coronation on May 6th, nor did he meet him in recent days, when he returned to London for the court case. Harry was also not invited to the Trooping The Colour, the parade that celebrates the sovereign’s birthday and will take place on June 17th (the day does not coincide with King Charles’ actual birthday, born in November, ed.).

The Royal Family’s Struggle for Survival

The story of the ongoing lawsuit is a great concern for Buckingham Palace, because it is impossible to know which direction the trial will take, and even more impossible is to know what kind of indiscretions could be pulled out during the same. Details, hot topics, secrets that would be better off staying that way do not do the monarchy any good, in a perpetual struggle for its own survival. Obviously King Charles can not be happy about the situation, potentially explosive every day. “In most cases the royal family avoids confrontation with the media. The lawsuit is so long, stressful and unpredictable, not to mention expensive, but above all you can’t have an idea of which direction the other side will take and what it will pull out,” an insider said. Another detail is added: many of the news discussed in court were directly disseminated by the Palace, not obtained illegally by the press. Another hot topic, which could put Windsor House in a bad light. Harry, moreover, would have been in some way convinced to embark on the lawsuit against the tabloids by his lawyer, David Sherborne, in 2018. According to The Sunday Times, until then the prince had never considered such a thing. “He has lost the ability to distinguish what he can and can’t say and there is no one around him who tells him: ‘No, Harry, you can’t say it.’ It’s embarrassing for him and for Great Britain, for a prince to say: ‘We have a government of f****** ‘,” a source told Page Six.


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