Carlos Baute’s Wife: Pact with Devil Made


Carlos Baute: A Life of Music and Family

Carlos Baute has just finished his family holidays on the island of Formentera and is now in full promotion of his new single, ‘This Song’, a song that reminds us of his teenage years. Carlos Baute confesses that “I am living one of the best stages of my life at all levels, personally and professionally. I am preparing a couple of albums, my marriage is going through wonderful moments, I have four wonderful children… My wife made a pact with the devil”

Supporting New Singers

SOON: And in September we will see you again on television. CARLOS BAUTE: Yes, in a music program. It’s a very nice contest. P.: For a nice project, the one you have to help new singers. C.B.: We have to support people who start because there are many who are looking for an opportunity in the music world and do not find enough help to make themselves known.

35 Years of Professionalism

P.: What balance do you make of your 35 years of profession? C.B.: Very positive. I am super happy and proud of everything I have achieved, constantly renewing myself without stagnating. P.: Do you still send solidarity aid to your country, Venezuela? C.B.: We send shipments of medicines, which are very much needed. People in Spain are very supportive and do not stop helping us.


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