Carlotta takes a month, Eleonora Daniele: “Love, with you in his arms touch the sky with a finger”

Eleonora Daniele is enjoying the joy of motherhood. The tv presenter has shared with fans a photo of the little Carlotta, daughter from her husband Giulio Tassoni. This is the first photo social where Eleonora Daniele is depicted together with the girl. The small rests serene resting on his chest. The photo is accompanied by a tender dedication. Today, 25 June, Charlotte takes a month.

The tender inscription for Carlotta

Eleonora Daniele has addressed a dedication to her daughter, who was born exactly a month ago. On the 25th of may, in fact, the presenter of the Italian Stories he held in his arms the little Charlotte for the first time. On Instagram, the tv presenter recalled that moment for her is so important, and carved in an indelible memory: “A month ago nascevi little one, exactly at 20:03 on May 25. You are the greatest joy of my life. When you’re in my arms touch the sky with a finger. Good complimese, great love”.

Carlotta Pia is born on the same day of Padre Pio

Eleonora Daniele was expected to give birth to Carlotta with a natural birth. During the last visit, however, the gynecologist has noticed that the girl was shot. So, they decided to opt for the caesarean. The little girl was born on the 25th of may, the same day he was born to Father Pio. Eleonora Daniele, who is devoted to the Saint of Pietrelcina, has thought of paying homage to him by dedicating to him the second name of his daughter, that in fact it’s called Carlotta Pia. Guest On Sunday, Eleonora Daniele told Mara Venier:

“I called Carlotta Pia, precisely because it is born on the day of Padre Pio. They are very connected to the figure of Padre Pio and you will not deny that some little prayer I made to him to have a child, is a very important figure for our family.”

A month ago nascevi little one, exactly to the 20,03 of 25 May. You are the greatest joy of my life. When you’re in my arms touch the sky with a finger . Good complimese, great love. ❤️ #carlotta

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