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Carmen Borrego: Beach Family Day Photos

Carmen Borrego Finds New Opportunities

After living a few months quite complicated with the abrupt departure of ‘Sálvame’, the illness of her mother and the bad relationship with her son, José María, it seems that finally the sun comes out for Carmen Borrego. Telecinco has hired her to collaborate in ‘La última noche’, the program of Fridays of Sandra Barneda. And, to celebrate it, she escaped to Marbella, where we saw her dressed in a white bathing suit with her husband and her daughter, with whom she maintains a close and excellent relationship.

Carmen Borrego and Her Family

Carmen Borrego, with her family in Marbella. Despite having returned to Mediaset, Carmen and her sister, Terelu Campos, have been hugely disappointed with the channel, as they have decided not to go ahead with the tribute project to their mother. Maria Teresa Campos was going to have her own documentary, but finally it will not be done. The daughters of Maria Teresa Campos already assumed that this project that Carmen was going to direct, Terelu was going to present and that was going to remember the trajectory and the life of the veteran journalist was going to be carried out.

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