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Carmen Borrego’s son’s first words: No hospital visit for grandchild meeting

Carmen Borrego’s Emotional Call

Without a doubt, Carmen Borrego is living the arrival of her first grandchild in a bittersweet way, and her complicated situation with her son and daughter-in-law has not helped her to meet her grandchild as soon as he was born. This time we have been able to hear Carmen’s version firsthand through a call she made to the program she works on and in which she could not contain her tears of emotion: “I am happy to be a grandmother, I thank you for the support and affection. I will only say that my grandchild was born healthy and my son is very happy“. On whether we will see her at the hospital, Terelu’s sister is clear: “The decision not to go to the hospital is mine, it’s time not to put on circuses and for them to be with their baby. Paola has to be calm and recover as soon as possible. There is time for everything in life. Right now I’m not going to harm my grandchild for a second of my life. I have communication with my son,” she explained.

José María Almoguera’s Reaction

For its part, the reporters from Europa Press have also captured José María Almoguera, the happy father leaving the hospital, and have managed to talk to him. Carmen Borrego’s son speaks to the cameras of Europa Press. José María, thrilled after the birth of his first child -Paola Olmedo has a daughter from a previous relationship-, has left the hospital to make some phone calls and take the air. And it was then when, with a big smile, he revealed that both his wife and his baby are “very well”, shyly thanking the press for their congratulations. Very discreet, and confessing that “you know this is not my thing“, he avoided revealing the name of his little one: “you will see it”, he affirmed. The young man has limited himself to repeating that everything has gone “very well”.



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