Carmen Lomana: Had small ball removed from face


Carmen Lomana is Smiling Again

Carmen Lomana is smiling again. A few weeks ago she was operated on for a tumor in the parotid gland, the salivary gland located next to the ear, and the ‘socialite’ received the happy news that the lump that was removed from her was not a malignant tumor. “I’m happy, thank God, it’s negative for malignant cells. After feeling so distressed, the results are wonderful. And I’m recovering very well. With a little pain, but that’s normal,” Lomana tells us.

A Great Scare

Everything has been a great scare. I didn’t even know what the parotid gland was and they told me it could have been very serious. I tell people that as soon as they notice a lump, they should go to the doctor. Because I discovered the lump last summer and I didn’t take it very seriously until it started to grow. In addition, it was growing inward and the situation could have been fatal.

Strength and Luck

Has your great strength helped you? I am very strong, yes, but I have also been very lucky. The day they called me to communicate the results of the biopsy, I started to cry with emotion. It was to go from anguish to happiness in seconds. Fortunately, this has not happened to me, my face is very well. Every day I feel better. But at first, it hurt a lot because they took a small ball out of my face … What do the doctors tell you? Nothing in particular, that since there are no malignant cells, there is no need to go to chemotherapy sessions. However, if my case had needed those sessions, I would not have agreed to them. My option would be to accept whatever came with serenity and live the time I had left. In addition, the collaborator has in mind a project that excites her a lot: writing a book about her life. “I have a lot to tell. But for now, I have returned to my collaborations in the press, television and radio,” she explains.


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