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Carmen Morales: Grandmother Pressuring Son to Make Her Grandma

Carmen Morales’ Desire to be a Grandmother

During her appearance at a Pronokal event, where she spoke about the healthy habits she has introduced into her diet to lose weight, Carmen Morales has spoken loud and clear about her desire to be a grandmother and about her good relationship with her ex-partner, Luis. “Well, we get along well, we have a very good relationship,” she revealed, before adding that “we are family, even though we have separated we get along well, we talk every day. All good”. On the other hand, Carmen did not hesitate to acknowledge that she has already made several attempts to convince her son to make her a grandmother. Carmen explained that her son is “already 26, I’m there trying to convince him to make me a grandmother, but they don’t want to, they want to travel, enjoy themselves”.

Shaila Durcal and Her Daughter

For her part, her sister Shaila, who had attended the same event, was talking about her daughter: “I’m trying to convince her to stay at home sometimes, her social life is the best, but I also love that she has a social life. I try to instill in her that she has balance in life”. As for the new projects they are working on, Shaila revealed to Europa Press that “I’m 44, super cool number, palindrome, I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest, I have the feeling that this year, the 24th, is coming with very good things”. “This year has been a learning experience and next year we continue to grow, not wide, growing personally and spiritually,” she concluded.

Carmen Morales’ Theater Projects

For her part, Carmen confirmed theater projects: “I have two very nice theater projects for next year, confirmed, in addition. With a lot of enthusiasm, it makes me very excited”. Happy with their process with Pronokal, the two sisters talked to us about the weight they have managed to lose: “I more or less 20, I have 7 more and 5 to Carmen. It’s getting our healthy weight. When you have been overweight for a long time your body is inflamed, the doctor explained it to us before, she says that, even though you lose fat, lipids, everything is still inflamed. If you break that maintenance, you recover a lot”.



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