Home Health and Fitness Carmen Sevilla, 92, hospital Madrid, grave prognosis.

Carmen Sevilla, 92, hospital Madrid, grave prognosis.

Carmen Sevilla’s Health Complication

Carmen Sevilla has been hospitalized and in a serious condition since yesterday, June 25. The artist was transferred from the residence where she has lived since 2015 to a health center due to a complication in her health. At the moment, hermetism regarding her condition is enormous, and nothing is known beyond that Carmen, who is already 92 years old and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 13 years ago, has a serious prognosis.

Carmen’s Withdrawal From the Spotlight

For years, the one who was nicknamed “the bride of Spain” has lived away from the public eye, and with visits reduced to a minimum, at the express wish of her son, Augusto Algueró (although this has caused friction with some of his mother’s friends, such as Norma Duval). Carmen has been away from the spotlight since doctors confirmed her loved ones the illness she suffers from. Since then, little or nothing has been seen of her and what we know about her condition is thanks to her son or close friends who have contact with him.

Augusto Algueró Jr.’s Statement

“It’s a tough and difficult situation for everyone,” Augusto Algueró Jr. confessed some time ago.



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