Carole Bouquet: Away from Cannes’ glamour, she changes her look & fans approve!


The Time of Glamour, Fashion and Cinema is Over… for Now!

Noticed during her red carpet walk with her son Dimitri Rassam, her daughter-in-law Charlotte Casiraghi and her friend Caroline of Monaco, Carole Bouquet recently left the south of France to return to one of her favorite places in the world, her Italian island of Pantalleria. And there, no long dresses or makeup: the actress has indeed posted on Instagram a picture of her on a walk in nature, wearing a yellow anorak, a wide gray pants and a brown hat. The opportunity for her to joke in the caption: “After Cannes, what’s important is the style!!!”, she wrote. A photo that made some subscribers laugh, including Carla Bruni, who commented with a simple: “So funny!”. Others wanted to assure the star that she would always be glamorous, no matter her outfit, while highlighting her “self-derision”: “You are the embodiment of class”, “You are always beautiful” or “A walking flower!”, can be read among the comments.

Calm and Quiet in her Little Italian Paradise

Quiet in her little Italian paradise, Carole Bouquet should spend part of the summer on Pantalleria. We imagine that her children and grandchildren (she has two sons, Dimitri and Louis, respectively fathers of Dasha, 12, and Balthazar, 4 and a half, and Gaïa, 5, and Paloma, 3) will also come to visit her.

A Well-deserved Rest After a Trying Few Weeks

It must be said that the calm will allow her to recover from these last few weeks that were rather trying: after announcing her surprise separation from Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, with whom she had been a solid couple since 2014, she reunited with her son in Cannes for a premiere full of emotion. Indeed, it was a documentary about the Rassam family that she attended, that of Jean-Paul Rassam, her ex-husband. A talented producer and father of her son Dimitri (also become a producer), he died suddenly in 1985, when their little boy was only 4 years old and after a long battle against addictions. Participating in the documentary, she would have been very touched to see some family pictures, as well as the rest of the clan. We wish her a well-deserved rest and disconnection!


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