Carole Dechantre (The Mysteries of love) tested positive Covid-19 : actress gives new mixed

Against the Covid-19, it is necessary to arm itself of patience. Carole Dechantre discovered. Affected for nearly two weeks, the actress goes through highs and lows. She tells the story.

The Covid-19 spares no one. Even if the people at risk, whether they are elderly or sick are particularly at risk, anyone can be hit by the coronavirus, of which the symptoms are very harmful, between fevers, coughs, and respiratory problems. Carole Dechantre, in fact, bitter experience. For nearly two weeks,the actress of the Mysteries of love has been tested positive for the Covid-19. “In fact, I did a test yesterday I have the symptoms for a few days, I received the results today and I am positive the Covid-19”, a-t-she announced on Instagram on march 21. At the time, the actress showed the first symptoms : fever and cough. A hard kick to the one that fought recently against a cancer.

“Outbreaks of viral pneumonia”

Since then, she regularly gives of its news on the social network. At the end of last week, she was getting better, even if the fever was still present : “This virus can be ups and downs”, warned it all the same, in a video. Tuesday, 31 march,it is his sidekick in the series, Elsa Esnoult, who gave his new Tv-Entertainment : “Yes, I was very worried. I’ve had yesterday on the phone. She is in the process of healing. It has a little bit of a fever. I am very happy for her”.

Except that all is not rosy for Carole Dechantre. The same evening, she warned on Instagram that she was not out of the woods. “13th day of fever, it is complicated a little bit, the radio of my lungs shows outbreaks of viral pneumonia… I’m still not healed !”. It remains only to fight and be patient.