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Carolina Monaco passes “crown” to Alberto & Charléne: “Too old now”.

Carolina of Monaco Retires to Private Life

After the wedding with Alberto, “first lady” of the Principality of Monaco had officially become Charlène. However, the subjects never stopped considering Carolina of Monaco as the true “queen”, who was also much more present at the court commitments, until some time ago, than her sister-in-law. But for months now, Carolina has reduced her presence at official events, in which only her brother Alberto with Charlène and, secondly, her daughter Charlotte appear more and more often. Now the sixty-six-year-old princess would have decided to take another step back: as the French press reports, she would have decided to retire to private life. Stop to the worldly events, but above all stop to the official court commitments. Because, as she would have confided to her friends, “I’m not that age anymore”.

Signs of Fatigue During Public Appearances

Those who know her well know that she can no longer stand that life in the limelight, spent always at the top while attending dances, saluting from the balcony. We had already had some signs of this fatigue during her last public appearances. For example, at the last Cannes Festival: on the red carpet, where she showed the world with very sober outfits, low heels, and naturally gray hair (she stopped dyeing them during the lockdowns), the princess seemed to smile only out of courtesy, as if wishing that the flashes would go off as soon as possible.

Retirement Pact with Charlène

Now according to French tabloids she would have really decided to withdraw from the glamour scene. And for this purpose she would have made a pact with Charléne: Carolina will only keep the Ball of the Rose and the supervision of the Arts, while Charlène will take care of everything else, including salutes from the balcony and ribbon cuttings. After all, since childhood Carolina, daughter of Prince Ranieri and Grace Kelly, has lived an existence made of royal rules and obligations. Raised isolated in her golden castle, even her debut at school was a small shock to her: “I had never been with other children. I just wanted to go unnoticed”. Instead she spent 66 years under the spotlights. Also for her tumultuous private life. A very short-lived wife of a playboy, Phille Junot, the love of her life Stefano Casiraghi – whom she married in 1983 and from whom she had three children, Pierre (1984), Charlotte (1986) and Andrea (1987) – was taken away from her by the sea (the entrepreneur died in an accident while he was competing in the offshore motorboat world championship). The last marriage, in 1999, with the German prince Ernst August of Hanover (always at the center of scandals and unpleasant episodes), would have evaporated by now for years. According to gossip, the two would not divorce only because Carolina “would not want to lose the title of Royal Highness”. The princess has never deigned to reply to the rumors. After all, she does not browse magazines or use social media: “My rule is not to read anything, not even praises. Otherwise I wouldn’t have survived”.



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