Carolina Stramare has left the boyfriend for Eros Ramazzotti? The indiscretion

Carolina Stramare and Eros Ramazzotti: at a distance of a few months from the declaration with which the newly elected Miss Italy revealed it had received a text message of congratulations on the part of the singer roman, the names of the two returned to appear one next to the other, the prerogative of a gossip who wants them particularly close.

To raise the binomial is the weekly Spy in the last issue at the newsstand and brings the indiscretion according to which behind the recent break up with your boyfriend to be determined by the beauty queen, could be your Eros Ramazzotti, also he is single after the end of his wedding with Marica Pellegrinelli.

“Miss Italy Carolina Stramare is single session. His love story with Alessio its managing director, lasted just eight months, has come to an end. ‘Feelings can change’, he said to her in a recent interview, but according to the beninformati, behind this rupture, there is the neo 56 and always fascinating Eros Ramazzotti. I’ll be true?”, it says on the magazine that is nothing more adds in the background at the moment, lacks confirmation.

Miss Italy Carolina Stramare and Eros Ramazzotti, the message after the victory

In one of his first interviews from Miss Italy, Carolina Stramare has confided that they have received compliments for the title of most beautiful of Italy by Eros Ramazzotti , which, in the response message, the revealed to have a tattoo on the right ankle, a sentence from a success of the singer ‘Mamarà’: “I just Want to see you smile, I want to see you as well. It was a favorite of mom”.

The gesture was particularly appreciated by the songwriter, to the point of inviting the new Miss Italy at a concert. But then there was still the boyfriend, Alessio, in his life, and the intentions seemed to be other: “it Would be a bit too mature for me”, remarked the 27-year-old. But maybe now he changed his opinion…

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