Case Adèle Haenel : the director Christophe Ruggia is in custody

The director Christophe Ruggia, who was suspected of having sexually harassed and have attouché actress Adèle Haenel, was placed this January 14, in the morning in police custody.

In an interview published by Mediapart on November 3, 2019, Adèle Haenel accused the director Christophe Ruggia of having “sexually harassed. She accused him also of “touching”. Of facts that would have occurred from 2001 to 2004, on the set of the film The devils. Aged 12 to 15 years old at the time, Adèle Haenel would have been “kissing forced into the neck” by Christophe Ruggia, as well as “touching” on “thighs” and the “torso”. A new one, which had the effect of a bomb in the cinema. Initially, the actress césarisée do wish not to lodge a complaint against the director, seeking only to awaken consciences. Finally, she filed a complaint on November 6, and November 26, last, she was heard by the investigators in the course of the investigation which has been opened for “sexual assault on a minor 15 years of age” and “sexual harassment”.

Several testimonies

As revealed by Médiapart this January 14, the director Christophe Ruggia would have been placed in police custody this morning by investigators. According to the media, several witnesses would have been heard, including the director Mona Achache and ex-girlfriend of the producer, the filmmaker Céline Sciamma and former girlfriend Adèle Haenel. Members of the team the Devils have also been heard, as the director of casting Christel Baras, the coach Hélène Seretti and the script Edmée Dorozslai. They would have provided several documents related to the production of Devils in order to support their statements. According to Médiapart, after a general assembly vote on 10 January, Christophe Ruggia has been suspended “pending the outcome of the judicial procedure”, of the Société des réalisateurs de films (SRF) and its board of directors.