Case Adèle Haenel : the violent response from Christophe Ruggia with the accusations of the actress

While Adèle Haenel was finally filed a complaint against Christophe Ruggia for “sexual assault” and ” harassment “, the director is violently taken to the actress, accusing her of seeking revenge.

Adèle Haenel filed a complaint against Christophe Ruggia. As her lawyers have revealed to Médiapart, it was heard in late November by investigators after the opening of a judicial investigation by the public prosecutor of Paris for “sexual assault on a minor of fifteen years of age” and ” sexual harassment “. A few weeks earlier, the actress denounced the actions of the director in a survey conducted also by Médiapart. “I’m really angry. I want to tell the story of an abuse is unfortunately commonplace, and denounce the system of silence and complicity in which, behind, makes this possible, ” said Adèle Haenel.

And she wasn’t the only one to testify about the behavior of Christophe Ruggia. At the time of the facts, the actress made her film debut in the film The Devils, released in 2002. “One had the impression that it was his girlfriend. There was almost no law of approaching or talking with her because he wanted to remain in his role permanently. He alone had the right to be really in touch with it. It was very uncomfortable in the team “, reflected in particular Laëtitia, line producer.

Christophe Ruggia counter-attack

Christophe Ruggia, to him, had not wished to speak with Médiapart, leaving his lawyers to declare that it ” did not accept, categorically, to have had a harassment of any kind, or any kind of touching about this young girl, then a minor. He then had to ask Adèle Haenel him to “forgive” to have ” committed the error of playing pygmalions with the misunderstandings and the obstacles that such a posture causes “. But the director has finally decided to counter-attack after the complaint of the actress, giving an interview to the magazine Marianne, in which he denies new accusations of Adele Haenel.

And Christophe Ruggia goes further. “After the first film [The Devils], where Adele was stunning, I had promised to write again to it. So I wrote a screenplay with a role for her and one for Vincent Rottier, but my producer didn’t want to hear about it “, he says. “She was betting on my future film. The next day, I received a letter of extraordinary violence, where it was reported that it stopped the film because I had betrayed and manipulated. “A case of revenge ? This is not what the many witnesses described it. It is now up to the justice to decide.