Case of Benjamin Griveaux : who is Juan Branco, the lawyer Piotr Pavlenski ?

Piotr Pavlenski is the man who has claimed responsibility for the diffusion of several videos of a pornographic nature are not authenticated which would incorporate Benjamin Griveaux. Behind the Russian artist, hides Juan Branco. But who is this lawyer, including defender of Julian Assange ?

Benjamin Griveaux said goodbye to his electoral campaign. This Friday 14 February, the applicant LREM announced his withdrawal from the race for mayor of Paris. The reason : the broadcast on the social networks of several videos of a sexual nature that are not authenticated where the member would appear. If the political man, 42-year-old has never been formally identified, it is, therefore, a thunder strikes on the capital. Behind this scandal, a man : Piotr Pavlenski, 35 years old, artist from russia, who claimed his gesture, explaining how he posted these videos because he wanted to fight “against the propaganda and the puritanism of the politicians.” An action punch, which could well turn against him, because Benjamin Griveaux announced by the voice of his lawyer, that he wished to file a complaint. But Piotr Pavlenski already has a lawyer and he is very well known.

Advocate for clients engaged

In fact, before publishing the video, Piotr Pavlenski would have sought the advice of Juan Branco, known in France for his support to the movement of the yellow Vests. But his RESUME does not stop there. The lawyer 30-year-old was part of the legal team of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. Clients involved in combating corruption and this is not trivial if Juan Branco favours this type of business. Of Spanish origin, he grew up in Paris with his father, a producer of cinema of art and test, and a mother, a psychoanalyst. He studied at Sciences Po in Paris but has also completed course philosophical at the Sorbonne. The man is also the author of a book called Twilight, best seller to charge against Emmanuel Macron. Juan Branco, therefore, is the lawyer dreamed of for Piotr Pavlenski : “I understand that, for him, it was a political act. In the same way that it was opposed to the Putin regime, it was willing to do anything to oppose the regime of Macron, which he considered as repressive,” said the lawyer to the newspaper Le Point. It also ensures that its Russian client is “ready to confront Benjamin Griveaux before any court”. This is what seems to be taking shape…