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PHOTO Alessandra Ambrosio absolutely divine in a bikini, it sets fire to the Canvas

This Saturday, April 4, Alessandra Ambrosio has not done things by half. The model is unveiled in a new bikini that highlights her gorgeous body and of course his fans are not...

Coronavirus : the british singer Marianne Faithfull hospitalized at the age of 73 years

The list of victims of the Covid-19 and growing. According to information of the musical agency Republic Media, the british singer Marianne Faithfull, star of the sixties, has been hospitalis...

Elizabeth II : the many precautions taken for the recording of his speech exceptional

The British have an appointment with queen Elizabeth II on 4 April, to 20 hours (local time) in front of their televisions. For the fourth time in 68 years of reign, the queen will deliver a discou...

Covid-19 : Cyril Hanouna reveals that his father has contracted the virus

Saturday, April 3, Cyril Hanouna has taken the word on Twitter to announce a new and very personal. His dad, Angel Hanouna, has contracted the coronavirus....

Coronavirus, Gabriella Pession locked in Los Angeles: “Here the situation is controversial” (VIDEO) Support Today

The actress sent a video message to 'True' which tells the story of why it is in America with his son

Blue light of the device: effects on the skin and how to protect yourself at the time of the covid-19

We live a life that is hyper connected. Smartphone, tablet, computer now are part in all of our days. But what are the effects of the blue light that emanates from digital screens on our skin? Word to the dermatologist

Paolo Bonolis: “Sonia Bruganelli has many virtues, but buy caz**te as the home for the cat”

Paolo Bonolis, Carlo Conti, in the course of a direct on Instagram, were invited to indicate the qualities and the defects of their wives, in these days of quarantine. Paolo Bonolis has pointed to the alleged habit of Sonia Bruganelli to make too many purchases online. Carlo Conti, however, he pointed out, such as Francesca Vaccaro is making you fat cooking too.

When Sara Affi Fella discovered that she was pregnant: “the Child wanted to, from that day I have been reborn”

Sara Affi fella is pregnant with boyfriend Francesco Fedato and could not be happier. The story is told via Instagram, by posting the video documenting the pregnancy test done in front of the prime suspects. The child who is waiting has changed your life after these difficult months: “on That day I have been reborn. It didn't matter any more, there you were the only in our thoughts”.