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Jason Derulo we try and publish the photos censored by Instagram, covering “his anaconda”

After the controversy scatenatasi around the “photo risque” published by Jason Derulo and censored by Instagram, the american singer has decided to rebel to the guidelines imposed by the social network and wanted to resolve the matter in his own way, re-releasing the shot so that the private parts were covered.

The sister of Mia Martini at Bertè: “Mimi, you kept at a distance, he did not had his number”

Olivia is the younger of the sisters Bertè, attacks Loredana accusing her of lying on the deep bond with My Martini. “He preferred to keep a safe distance. The mobile phone not only you has ever given but it looked good from get you his number,” wrote the woman, disregarding it is told in these years by the singer.

Party vip for the 50 years of Gianluca Mech: all the photos

Last night and Rome, the birthday of the entrepreneur and guru of the Tisanoreica diet. Among the guests Roberta Capua Rossella Sensi

Throne over, Ida Plane refuses to marry Riccardo Guarnieri. Armando: “I Would like to see her again”

Ida Plane has refused the marriage proposal of Riccardo Guarnieri, who had asked her to marry him in the course of the last bet of the throne over the “Men and Women”. After thinking about it, the woman has decided to take the time to clarify the ideas. And Armando Incarnate is back to come forward: “If he came back in the studio as a single, I would be willing to see her again to speak to us”.

What does Juan Luis Cyan with Florence? Armando Incarnate: “I Want to see where this goes”

A report would be ready to disturb the relationship between Juan Luis Cyan, and Gemma Galgani. Was Armando Incarnate to imply that the new knight of the throne over the “Men and Women” is hiding something. “The flowers come from Florence?” he asked alluding the man, and then let you know who will tell what he knows, only later: “I Want to see how far this lord”.

Men and Women, fury Tina against a lady in the audience: “do the f*** her, sue”

The reason for the lite? The spectator has accused the commentator of send flowers to Juan to be jealous Gemma Galgani

Ilary Blasi, a new entry in the family: the naked cat

The presenter has on the social, Donna Paola, the prestigious Canadian Sphynx just arrived home

Carolina Stramare, Miss Italy, writes to the mother’s disappearance: “This Christmas is tiring without you”

To her he dedicated the victory in the beauty contest: "it was Not only a mother but a friend"

Michelle Hunziker ‘presents’ the daughters the Heavenly and the Sun: such and such mom and dad (PHOTOS)

On Instagram some shots of the weekend in the family of tv presenter with her husband Tomaso Trussardi