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Cristina Parodi: “Longing for my son away”

The presenter flies to Bologna to rejoin his son Alexander, who has left home to study in Siena. And dedicating a post on Instagram

Belen, the extraordinary birthday gift to the father: “wanted for years”

On the occasion of his birthday, the showgirl and the brothers Cecilia and Jeremias have allowed dad Gustavo to bear the song written for the wife years ago

Peace is made between Emma and Elodie: here’s the video of the first evening together

The two singers had drifted away in the spring of two years ago, after months of living in symbiosis, between professional commitments of the joint and a strong friendship

The Donatella talk to ‘reservoir dogs’: “our first time? The same evening”

The twins Giulia and Silvia Give to the have told in the course of the interview to the program of Italy, One

Diana Del Bufalo is unleashed on the social: “I’m Not going an easy time

The thought of the actress who is going through a particularly delicate moment of his life: “If you are going through a period of change, of confusion, of sadness go by someone. Psychotherapy is magical, it is not mad”

Floriana Seconds reveals: “I had a history with Teo Mammucari”

A 'Sunday Live' declarations of the winner of Big Brother 3 in about a flirt that she would have had in the past with the well-known conductor Mediaset

Dan Bilzerian wants to become president of the United States: “If elected to just drugs, sex and alcohol”

The star of the social part in the game of autocandidature to the White House for the 2024 and promises, in case of election, that tell you enough to all those vices which, ostentatious in these years, have allowed him to become a real celebrity on social: “Dimostrerei to the electors that to be president means working”.

Andrea York on the case of Epstein: “I’ve embarrassed the royal family”

The third son of queen Elizabeth II, has denied having had sexual relations with the 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, and repenteth him of the friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, but there is a video of him with the girl, now 35-year-old. The facts to be held in London in 2001. "That day I had accompanied my daughter Beatrice to a party," said the prince. At his side, as always, Sarah Ferguson

Diana del Bufalo in the crisis: “I live, Not easy time, psychotherapy is not for crazy”

The actress bares recounting the difficulties of this moment of his life, and admitting candidly that in this moment of his life, is facing a course of psychotherapy, that encourages anyone in an attempt to drive away the idea that go into the analysis means to be crazy.