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Pamela Prati in Men and Women? Comes the denial of the author Raffaella Mennoia

The indiscretion sensational on a possible landing of the Meadows, the Men and Women, it is promptly contradicted by Raffaella Mennoia, note the author of the transmission of Maria De Filippi, who speaks explicitly of fake news and jokes on the rumor. Therefore, we will not see Pamela on the throne after the scandal of Mark Caltagirone.

Tina Cipollati, finally, to the Big Brother Vip? Her: “No torture”

The first rumors about the casting of Big Brother Vip fit to the columnist of Men and Women among the possible competitors of the edition 2019. She, however, put an end to gossip: “Even under torture I would do it”. Among the first names circulating, even Cicciolina, Giucas Casella, the Divine Otelma, and Lorenzo Riccardi.

“If you have an epidural or caesarean section six the mother”: “Alessia Cammarota replication to the criticism

Alessia Cammarota resorted to the epidural when she gave birth to her first son, Nicholas. For this reason, the former face of ‘Men and Women’ has been heavily criticised by some of the mothers who believe that women who get the epidural to feel less pain or cesarean delivery for “hurry” to be “less moms”. Alessia Cammarota has replied to the criticism.

Ornella Vanoni: “I Am disappointed by love. Gino Paoli? I was cheating all the time and I was crying”

Ornella Vanoni, it is told in a long interview granted to Candida Morvillo on the Courier.en. The artist said she was disappointed by love. She's back with the mind in important relationships such as that experienced with Gino Paoli. Finally, he spoke about his struggle against anxiety and depression, kept at bay thanks to the help of a specialist.

Mourning for Andrea Zelletta of Men and Women, it’s not the grandmother

“Hello granny, protect me from above”: a simple story, the tronista has announced the sad loss in his family. A message of pain to the model tarantino was recently released from the latest season of Men and Women together to her choice of Natalia Comparisons, with which the love would go swimmingly.

The “Professional Holiday” of Sabrina Salerno: sun, relaxation, and physical to scream

Sabrina Salerno public one shot where it shows his generous and ample cleavage as she recalls the great success of “professione Vacanze”, the cult series with Jerry Cala in the role of the village headman of the Cala Corvino Enrico Borghini. A great cult television back on the air Saturday evening on Mediaset Extra.

Kikò Nalli: “Tina Cipollati jealous of me and Amber Lombardo? She is powerful and nothing touches it”

Continue the love between Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo, even if for now it is not expected the living-together: “We'll see you on the weekend”. Nalli also clarifies the statements of his children, and of the sister of the Cipollati, explaining that his ex-wife would not be at all jealous: “it Has its power in the media and television, nothing touches it”.

Serena Rutelli: “After the Big Brother not to come back in analysis”

From the Big Brother seems to be a Serene Rutelli new, unusual, completely different from the insecure girl that had entered in the house, able to defeat his insecurities. In an interview with People, the daughter of Barbara Palombelli and Francesco Rutelli, told of how her life has completely changed from when he had the experience in the reality.

William turns 37-years-old, the beautiful gift of Kate Middleton is an album with the drawings of their children

Nothing expensive gifts for the duke of Cambridge, to be part of his family for the 37th birthday, William of England received an album of family photos mixed with drawings made by his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis in the last year, “a reminder on what is truly important.”