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Show Onestini Big Brother, Gianmarco weeping, and Luca is likely to be kicked out

Is Luke Onestini's Show Big Brother Vip in Spain. The former tronista flew abroad to defend his brother, who deleted, he admitted between tears of his lover Adara Molinero, married and a mother of a child of 6 months. When he has seen despair alone in the center of the studio, Luke has lost the brackets up to the risk of being removed from the study.

Support administrator Gina Lollobrigida, the court: “Understanding the summary of reality”

The Court of Appeal of Rome rejected the appeal submitted by Gina Lollobrigida about the need to be accompanied by a guardian who will manage the assets and affairs. The diva was opposite to the disposal of the court, but the decision was confirmed on appeal. According to the court, the diva would be “suggestible, fragile, vulnerable”.

Fred Bongusto love for Gabriella Palazzoli and for Blyth, the daughter who has grown up as was his

At the age of 84 years has died the singer, Fred Bongusto, is an exponent of the music of the Sixties so confidential and intimate, focusing on the love song. Reluctant to share anecdotes of his private life, the artist has been married all my life with the maid Gabriella Palazzoli, growing as if it was his daughter that she had from a previous marriage. Another great love of the singer has always been his boat, the Riva, which runs along his beloved Sant'angelo d'ischia.

Ambra Angiolini, the selfie with the daughter Jolanda: two drops of water

The two are inseparable, and are very similar, and their good morning social is full of like

Carlo Conti, tender father: a walk with his Matthew and the daughter of Fabrizio Frizzi

The weekly "Diva and Woman" he photographed the presenter during a walk with the two children, his wife Francesca and Carlotta Mantovan, the wife of the friend who died

Andrea Pezzi , the ten years with Cristiana Capotondi, but on the marriage brakes: “I Look for me ask her,”

A very strong bond to them, even if the wedding are not yet in the program except for 'twists'

Natalia Titova, the clarification on the disease: “don’t exaggerate”

With a post on Instagram, the dancer, who days ago had spoken of his knee problem to 'Come to me', reassuring fans on his condition

Carlo Conti is walking with the daughter of Fabrizio Frizzi: “call Me Santa”Accounts

Carlo Conti strolling cheerfully in a day of relaxation, holding the hands of his son Matthew, and the small Star, the daughter of the late Fabrizio Frizzi. The disappearance of the conductor of the Rai has been a particularly stroking for the master of the house, of That and Which Show, bound by a deep friendship that continues to demonstrate standing next to the family of the former presenter of the Rai.

“I verify the virginity of my daughter to the gynecologist”, in the way that rapper T. I. check out the daughter’s 18-year-old

Is the storm on american rapper T. I. he says the test year after year, the virginity of his daughter 18-year-old Deyjah from the gynecologist to make sure that the girl has not had sexual intercourse. “Obviously, every time the doctor asks for permission to Deyjah to share the information and each time I say to my daughter ‘small, sign the consent form. Or is there something that you would not want me to know?’”.