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Chelsea follies for Havertz: ready to invest about 200 million euro

Two hundred million euros. So much could come out to cost Chelsea the purchase from Bayer Leverkusen on the break Kai Havertz. According.

Monza, strong pressing for Cigarini. Tomorrow Marconi to Palermo

Monza to work on the market. Strong pressing for Luca Cigarini, you work in these hours to get to an agreement and the next few weeks might be.

Feast PSG without distanziamenti. The health department of the French: “the Fans, make the pads”

Have sparked controversy, and concerns the scenes of celebration and jubilation of the fans of the PSG immediately after the qualification in the final of the Champions league.

Google Meet-and-Zoom in the arrival on the new devices; Teams improves on the iDevice

To continue the climbing of the major teleconferencing services , Google, Meet, Zoom , and Microsoft Teams. The trio of apps has made of...

Crotone, Benali increasingly at the centre of the project. A step in the three-year renewal

A pin of the present and of the future. Ahmad Benali and the Croton, a marriage, more and more of the white smoke. The guy is one of the cornerstones.

Meghan Markle and Harry finally home : “a pivotal moment” for the couple

After spending their first four months in Los Angeles, in the lavish home of producer Tyler Perry, Meghan Markle and prince Harry have finally found the home of their dreams this summer....

Florence, Lovisa, it promises to be a future in Series B. Two clubs on his trail

After you dress the jersey of the Florentine Spring (17 appearances and 5 goals) for the midfielder Alessandro Lovisa, it promises to be a future among the great..

Liverani-Lecce, behind the scenes on the exemption. Hypothesis Parma, the situation

Fabio Liverani and Lecce, for a waiver of a surprise. The reason is the confusion of the coach on the renewal of the contract. Liverani is.